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Julia Fox Wore a Clawed Hand Around Her Neck to the Oscars After-Party


Julia Fox Wore a Clawed Hand Around Her Neck to the Oscars After-Party

Taking choker necklaces to a whole new level.

The chokehold Julia Fox has on red-carpet fashion is unmatched—and you can interpret that literally.

The Uncut Gems star and former Kanye West muse attended last night’s Vanity Fair Oscars after-party wearing yet another avant-garde look. This time around, Fox’s head-to-toe black monochrome look consisted of a leather gown with a halter neckline featuring a clawed hand around her neck. She wore her signature black gloves (this time at a dramatic elbow length) and black pumps, and she carried a clutch made of “real human hair,” she told Vanity Fair.

She also told the magazine that the unconventional look is courtesy of Balenciaga and a Hans whose “last name is German and I can’t pronounce.”

In a recent interview with The Cut, Fox talked about the pressures to adhere to certain norms of dressing when walking the red carpet.

“[Her publicity team was] like, ‘Oh, they’re a little too editorial,’ ’It’s too sexy. It’s too provocative. It’s too out there,'” the actress said. Now, however, Fox said her tune has changed. “I was just like, ‘Okay, I guess I just have to be more Hollywood and more bland.’ But fuck that narrative if I want to pop out and wear crazy shit—which is what I want to wear.”

Besides her handsy Oscars after-party gown, Fox has been showing off her personal style with a streak of clingy, midriff-baring outfits as of late. While sitting front row at the Versace show during Milan Fashion Week, for instance, she wore a latex set with exposed straps and cutouts. And before that, while making matching appearances with West during Paris Fashion Week, Fox opted for various conical-breast looks from Schiaparelli.