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Destination wardrobe


Destination wardrobe

Since the beginning of coronavirus pandemic, the world has stopped, countries have clamped down on border control, and the travel industry experienced a historic moment of stagnation. But as flights around the world start to resume, and places start gradually to come out of hibernation, one cannot deny people’s enduring desire to travel, to start building new memories and to connect with one another. Current surveys show that many people are already planning their next trip ( Hence we at Anna&I thought of combining the four most desired and vividly anticipated summer destinations by our clients and create a wardrobe and necessary attire for each one of the summer paradises. 

St Tropez:

It is difficult to describe St Tropez, for words are simultaneously too much and too little to characterise it, it’s as even an attempt falls short of reality. You have to live it. And there is only one way to stronger experience the French heritage and that is by having one full day devoted to Coco Chanel and her clothes. Mesmerised by the house new 2020 collection, which once again is the epitome of  luxurious and magnificent details and craftsmanship why not starting your day with “bathing suit printed with scattered trompe l’oeil Chanel costume jewels and worn with skinny cardigan jackets and wide pants in a fine-gauge knit or bandeau tops embroidered by Lesage with flowering branches of bougainvillea—that emblematic Mediterranean summer flower—that that can be worn under suits or veiled under sheer black chiffon blouses.” (Vogue) and which can we be so well styled from. day to night. 


What is summer holiday without witnessing the beauty of the Italian landscape, having the taste of their emotion evoking food and sip on the Italian unforgettable wine. Hence, there is no better place than the original Italian island retreat, Capri which has been a favoured holiday spot since Roman times. As consequence, your ultimate capsule wardrobe for Capri should include a Valentino stripy bathing suit for a quick swim in the crystal clear Amalfi water, matching linen shirt and shorts from the best linen store in the world 100% Capri paired with the authentic handmade, custom fit Amedeo sandals that Jackie Kennedy made famous in the sixties. And for those aperitivo early evenings Zimmerman fiesta paisley-print linen wrap dress will be a perfect Italian affair match. 


Surrounded by rocky hills and olive trees, with its marble streets, flowering bougainvillea trees and tucked-away churches, Mykonos is a paradise for anyone looking to unwind in a chic and blissful way. Starting your way with a breakfast by the pool it’s Mykonos must. Easy and breezy dressed with Nina Stripped ribbed swimsuit by Solid&Stripped, paired with Three Graces London X Zandra Rhodes Amelina leaf-print cotton skirt, big straw hat and Ancient Greek Sandal, your day can begin. For your later lunch and drink attire we surely recommend you to get one the recent phenomenon Caravana pieces that are so famously associated with the island and of course for those who desire to dense the night away just slip one of Jacquemus  knitted skirts and tops, cross over the emblematic Le Chiquito micro textured-leather tote and the night is already in your feet.


Who has not heard of Sardinia with its dazzle breathy sighs. Its beauty is legendary; it’s almost impossible to avoid overhearing someone comparing its beaches to those of the Caribbean. It is always exciting to prepare a wardrobe for Sardinia, as its elegance is like no other, its glamour is unseen! This is utterly the embodiment of Dolce Vita destination! Therefore pleated cotton-blend poplin shirt Valentino dress combined with chic Salvatore Ferragamo studio basket woven raffia tote would be an ideal start for the day. That perfect white chic classy piece will get you through the day be it strolling through Costa Smeralda galvanising and charming streets or simply having lunch on the stretched out most famous bay of Cala di Volpe. If you opt out for a more secluded day such as staying on the boat why not effortlessly slip into Hermés “Cordelieres” beach tunic or simply Hermes Roche swimsuit and one of their vibrantly colourful sarons wrapped around your hip. To put the cherry on the top we must include some of the perfectly manifested pieces of Georgia Armani, the pillar of Italian Fashion. A subtle and minimalist but able to convey a strong sense of femininity, Georgia Armani pants and jacket are the grand finale you expect to see from every woman wanting to fully embrace the Sardinian style at night.

Article by Anna & I – Luxury Lifestyle agency. Thank you Anna Reeve and Blaga Miteva.