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Chris Evans and Lily James Were Photographed Eating Ice Cream on a London Park Date


Chris Evans and Lily James Were Photographed Eating Ice Cream on a London Park Date

Some celebs have Cabo pool makeouts; others go a more subtle and wholesome route.

Chris Evans and Lily James, the actors behind Captain America and Cinderella respectively, continued to stoke dating rumors in London this week with another photographed outing. The Daily Mail ran photos that the paparazzi took of James and Evans together in a London park, eating ice cream. They sat and laid on the grass mask-less. They talked, smiled, and looked genuinely happy to be around each other, but they weren’t showing any overt PDA. They were also shot walking alongside each other, although they didn’t hold hands in front of the cameras. Maybe it’s friendship; maybe it’s the start of a new relationship. They aren’t saying either way for now.

James wore jeans, a pink graphic t-shirt, and a cream cardigan with a blue bandana as a face covering, while Evans wore a navy and gray t-shirt, dark denim, a New England Patriots bandana as his face covering, and a Boston Red Sox hat. Count on Evans to rep his beloved Boston abroad. Both wore sunglasses.

Neither James nor Evans have commented on speculation around their outings. James was last seen with her ex-boyfriend Matt Smith in May; the two were reported to have broken up in December. They never publicly confirmed or denied those reports.

James told The Telegraph in June 2019 that she purposely kept her and Smith’s relationship private to safeguard it. “There is more interest because we are both in the industry, so you have to be more protective,” she said. “It is a weird thing to say, but I feel really proud that there aren’t too many photographs of us online. We don’t really do many official things together, because it feels like that [the relationship] is just for us.” Us Weekly, meanwhile, reported in January that Evans was dating and aiming to “be more private with his love life,” according to a source.

Evans and James were first seen on Saturday. They were photographed leaving London’s Mark’s Club in Mayfair late and getting into the same cab back to Evans’ hotel to presumably spend more time together. (James has her own place in the city.)

According to the Daily Mail, which ran photos of Evans and James together that night too, James and Evans rode to The Corinthia, around 1 AM. They exited the vehicle separately, Evans going into the front entrance of the hotel, and James to the back.

Evans and James aren’t the only surprise potential new couple to debut this summer. Timothée Chalamet and Eiza González revealed to the world their romantic connection via a photographed pool makeout session in Cabo.

Source: ELLE US