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Jennifer Lopez Encourages the Class of 2020 to Grow and Change


Jennifer Lopez Encourages the Class of 2020 to Grow and Change

J.Lo offered a touching message to recent graduates.

  • For YouTube’s Dear Class of 2020 special, Jennifer Lopez offered graduates a touching message through her remote commencement speech.
  • The Hustlers star encouraged the grads to take life as a learning experience, as well as to be open to growing and changing.
  • Fellow celebrities including Beyoncé, Lizzo, and Katy Perry also partook in the digital commencement ceremony.

Jennifer Lopez has a message for the Class of 2020.

For YouTube’s Dear Class of 2020 special, J.Lo, who was introducing Malala Yousafzai as the next commencement speaker, offered a brief but heartfelt message to all the recent graduates who may be struggling with the historic and unprecedented events of today, from a raging pandemic to worldwide protests.

“Thank you so much Class of 2020 for having me here today to celebrate you as you enter the real world,” she began. “You know what some human beings call disappointments? Learning experiences. Got fired? Learning experience. Get your heart broken? Learning experience. Graduate during a global crisis? Okay, that’s more than a learning experience. That’s a growing experience.”

She continued, “So just when you thought the lessons were over, you’re learning the most important life lesson of all. Every obstacle is really an opportunity to learn, to grow, and to change. So, I want to say a heartfelt congratulations to the Class of 2020 for making the best of it today. You deserve this moment and so much more, because you’re still gonna go out there and make your dreams come true, and follow your path, and be on your journey, because that, my friends, is the plan that hasn’t changed. I commend you, Class of 2020.”

Other celebrities also participated in the special, including Beyoncé, Lizzo, Taylor Swift, and Katy Perry.