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How to survive the impact of COVID-19 for the fashion brands.


How to survive the impact of COVID-19 for the fashion brands.

As the economic crisis caused by the pandemic Covid – 19 continues, brands are facing a tough reality. It is difficult to predict the future for the fashion industry as the times we live in are utterly unprecedented and they all will differer across markets. We are all trying to navigate in the best way possible. However, one certain turn is that Covid – 19 has changed the consumer behaviour, perhaps permanently, and brands will need to take these new behaviours into account. We have contacted brand development agency Anna&I to give their advise on the strategy for the fashion brands to survive the impact of Covid-19.

Covid – 19 has changed dramatically the consumer behaviour

“As a brand development agency, if we have to give one advise for the “next normal” for retailers in the fashion industry is that they all need to accelerate the adoption of e-commerce, even when we are talking about couture. Already before the pandemic, consumers were increasingly browsing online shifting more of their spending online and embracing new technologies as augmented reality, which allow shoppers to try on clothes and accessories online. They are eager to find more information about the brand firstly online, before going to the store or contact a supplier. 

Anna Nelson and her business partner Blaga Miteva, founders of Anna&I agency

CV-19 has a strong impact across all business, and according to many analysis and surveys, business will never be back to what it used to be and in the form we used to perceive it. And maybe for the better. If Anna&I should give one strategic imperative for the future it would be that brands need to establish valuable and strong connection with their customers. Moreover, they need to gain a deep understanding of their customer preferences and ensure they meet their demands no matter what. If these brands have physical stores they need to make sure that the role of their stores is to offer unique customer experiences instead of simply serving as transactional venues.

As we already mentioned about couture, which is a truly incredible form of art, will also experience a metamorphosis. We predict that clients will expect their garments to be made with less time consuming on fittings but still with the highest possible quality. For instance, during our conversation with one of our couture related clients, we discovered a software that allows couturiers to make patterns for dresses on the computer. We went even further and learned about a unique platform that allows couturiers digitally to try toiles (the first step in the creation of a couture piece) on their clients and if there are any amendments to be made they can go back to that platform and do them before actually having a toile fitting with their client. Innovative steps as such will give designers and their teams a chance to minimise corrections and fast forward the final product. 

We shall wait and see how big will be the impact of this pandemic but one is certain that changes will happen and we need to take precautions from now. “

A passion for making the dreams of our clients reality

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