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Italy is a place where old and new meet, its captivating essence allows it to remain in the hearts of its visitors forever.

Culture, History, Art, Design, Food, Music, Fashion, Football, Natural Beauties and Tourism are the backbone of Italy. In the shape of a boot, this country pleases us with unique landscapes, from the Dolomites and the North lakes to the green plains and the central Appennini, which lead us to the splendid Mediterranean coast and its unforgettable perfumes.

Home to cultural riches, ancient history, food specialities, inimitable style and an art heritage second to no one, Italy deeply inspires and enchants its visitors.

Italy is a territory of encounters. The visitor can have a taste of the love story of Romeo and Juliet by standing on Juliet’s balcony in Verona or visiting Rome where different populations lived and witnessed the rise of an Empire. The final question is: Did history make Italy or did Italy make history?

Those who will travel to Italy and explore it with the five senses will find an answer.

From the northern early dawns to the breath-taking sunsets on the Amalfi coast, Italy enchants the visitor from morning to night. Who wants to sleep with all these natural beauties to be the witness of? The flowers blooming in spring can’t be missed especially if accompanied with a visit to the ancient castles and villas in the green countryside. With world-famous fashion houses like the Florentine Gucci and the Sicilian Dolce and Gabbana, Italy is the destination for the fashion lovers. The skilled craftsmanship of the Italians finds expression in the beautiful Majolica pieces of ceramics which are the result of hundreds of years of experience. Venice with its picturesque canals, gondolas and the magnificent San Marco cathedral is the perfect nest for romantic escapes.