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Middle East

Middle East

A diverse region sitting at the juncture of Europe, Asia and Africa, with ancient history, fascinating culture and amazing traditions.

Often looked at with a kind of restraint, the Middle East is a complicated land that unfolds its mysteries layer by layer. Cradle of some of the oldest and most fascinating civilisations worldwide, such as the Egyptians, the Persians or the Arabs, this region has witnessed first cities being built, the birth of some of the world’s major religions, Christianity, Judaism and Islam, the appearance of handwriting, the construction of the pyramids and many other huge steps that impacted the history and evolution of the whole humanity. We simply could not imagine world today without the tremendous contributions that the Middle East has made over millennia.

The cultural richness of the Middle East is absolutely overwhelming, so you should never be short of places to see of things to do. For a city-break, you can choose anything from Istanbul to Jerusalem, Cairo, Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Beirut, just to name a few. Enter a mosque to connect with the local spirit and admire some exquisite local architecture, go on a safari in the Sahara desert, explore the renowned archaeological site at Petra, let your body float on the saline water of the Dead Sea, get a breathtaking panoramic view of Dubai from the top of Burj-Khalifa, marvel at the pyramids, hop in a hot air balloon in Cappadocia, there is simply no end to end when it comes to exciting things in the area.