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Boasting more biodiversity than any other country on the planet and famed for its copious and rich coffee supply, Colombia is full of beauty and wonder just waiting to be explored.

Whilst the notorious Pablo Escobar may have given Colombia a bad reputation, assisted even more so by the Netflix series, Narcos, the country is batting down the bad rumours and emerging as a top tourist destination in South America, offering a plethora of things to do and places to see. From mesmerising beaches, to the almighty Andes and mystical Amazon Rainforest, Colombia’s varied climate zones create a hub of rich ecosystems that are mesmerising to behold. Experience the Colombian way of life, second to Argentina in having the highest number of national holidays in the world, and enjoy the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, gastronomic splendour, plentiful cups of coffee and art and culture infused cities at every turn.

Whether it’s the colourful diversity of flora and fauna, bird species, the some 58 protected areas and National Parks or the river of five colours, Caño Cristales, Colombia is a real treasure trove. Each city is as colourful as the next, especially the old neighbourhoods: Cartagena with its sun-blushed colonial buildings, Medellín surrounded by beautiful mountains, and Bogotá, the highest altitude city offering a blend of historic attractions, street art and modern-day spectacles. The biodiversity of this jewel in South America is what makes the sights to be seen so eclectic and endless.