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Vikings, freedom of speech, prosperity, Nobel Prizes, all of these and much more are defining elements of the small-sized nation of Denmark.

The first country to legalise same-sex marriages, Denmark’s open-mindedness and freedom of speech are definitely essential factors in the population’s general wellbeing. Considered the happiest in the world, the Danes are setting the bar so high in anything from education to human rights, health care or democracy that, try as they might, most countries in the world cannot catch up with them.

From the mighty Vikings to present day, there is a certain stamina that makes these people succeed in everything they set up to do. And they also play fair, given the registered lowest rate of corruption worldwide. Quite impressive, right? Beyond the socio-political aspects, you’ll be pleased with such an environmentally-friendly country, where bikes outnumber cars, where the air in the capital is as fresh as in the countryside and the majestic castles seem to be taken straight from Andersen’s pages.

With an array of more than 100 islands, out of which North Jutland with its sandy beaches is the most popular, the Danish coastline is longer than the Great Wall of China. Overall, once in Denmark, you’ll love how neat and clean everything looks: from the major shopping streets, like the busy Stroget to the hippie neighbourhoods, such as Christiania Freetown, everything is picture perfect. Copenhagen, the capital, will delight you with its richly decorated and beautifully preserved castles, such as Kronborg, known as Hamlet’s castle, or the monumental Rosenborg, then it will get your head spinning in the amusement park at Tivoli Gardens, and bing you back to your senses with a walk in the Nyhavn harbour. The Danish countryside is one not to be missed: it abounds in charming little villages with cobbled streets with a fairy-tale air, while wild deer roam over the grassy fields in plain daylight.