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A vast, multicultural country, home to a variety of ecological systems, to the most colourful carnival in the world, to endless beaches.

Other than being the largest country in South America and the fifth largest worldwide, Brazil also boasts some of the greatest tourist attractions yet to be seen. From the innumerable exquisite beaches bejewelling its shorelines. the rainforests, waterfalls, exotic islands, mighty rivers and more than 70 national parks nestling the greatest collection of plant and animal species on earth, to fascinating customs and traditions, museums of international value, monuments and so many more things to be discovered, Brazil is the definition of an incredible natural and cultural destination that appeals to all tastes. A piece of heaven pulsating with life, whose insane fiestas make you feel like you are not only living, but also enjoying your life to the maximum.

Words are useless when it comes to describing the beauty of this blessed land of Brazil. It is as if God, or the Universe, poured over it all the most precious gifts, with a generosity yet to be seen. A former Portuguese colony, with a rich culture and history, Brazil ranks high in the UNESCO list of world heritage sites. Once here, you don’t even know where to start your journey. The vibrating metropolis of Rio de Janeiro with its iconic statue of Christ the Redeemer, one of the Seven Wonders of the New World, the rounded rock peak of Sugar Loaf or the fashionable, tourist filled Copacabana. The buzzing Sao Paolo and its fine art galleries and museums. The Amazonian rainforest and its overwhelming vegetation hiding anything from toucans to howler monkeys. The ever pouring waterfalls washing away all your worries. The soft, picture perfect, sandy beaches. The ocean revealing beautiful whales dancing with the waves. Instagrammable cities with their amazing local architecture and crowded streets. There is simply no end to what exploring this part of the world might mean.

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