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Czech Republic

Czech Republic

Host to the city of 100 spires, it combines stunning Bohemian architecture with picturesque nature, foaming beer, boutique shops and hospitable people.

The chaotic winding streets of Prague; spiralling Gothic steeples puncturing the sky; the icy blue waters of the river Vltava, crisscrossed by gorgeous gothic bridges; cobbled Bohemian squares which are carpeted with snow in the winter and bathed in bright sunshine in the summer; moss covered forests with giant trees that climb high into the sky; picturesque log cabins hidden deep in the woods; tree covered mountains which are ideal for hiking and so much more.

The Czech people are of Slavic origin and have a 1000 year heritage, which is most commonly linked to the kingdoms of Bohemia and Moravia which reached their zenith in the 13th and 14th centuries. They began to decline after that and were eventually subsumed into the Holy Roman Empire, which is similar to modern Germany. This changed after the first world war, when the Austro-Hungarian Empire collapsed and Czechoslovakia, along with a number of other countries was born: splitting into two smaller states, The Czech Republic and Slovakia in 1993. Visitors to the Czech Republic will find welcoming people, great prices and some of the finest Gothic architecture in the entire world.

The Charles Bridge is a gorgeous Gothic structure, crowded with incredible Baroque statues; Prague’s imposing castle, replete with both Gothic and Roman architecture; gargoyles perched on the side of buildings; winding cobbled streets; the incredible astronomical clock, with a skeleton hanging next to it; open plan squares, with beautifully detailed steeples; isolated forests; picturesque villages; steep mountains and so much, more.

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