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Oh Britannia, a representation of all the countries in the Commonwealth, concentrated on a tiny technologically progressive, yet traditional Island.

With fierce competition in sports and politics between the Great British Isles you may wonder if this country is united at all, but England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are all definitive in their own right and travels between these countries reveal both the shared culture and distinct local flavours that contribute to the character of the UK.

When Vikings came, they saw fields of endless green crops and decided they wanted England’s plentiful bounty. Rolling hills and gorgeous lakes, it may be small in size but the UK packs a punch historically, you will never be short a fortress or castle which have withstood hundreds of years of rain and raids. One could argue that the presence of Stonehenge connects the pioneering creative attitude of the country back to historical times.

The modern UK can boast a thriving art scene, England is up there as one of the ultimate destinations for culture-vultures. A staple city in the fashion world, London is the epicentre of clashing cultures on a huge scale.



England’s colour is universally known as grey, grey skies and grey suits, however dwell into the depths of the cities and you will find some of the boldest and brightest designers, colourful gardens and celebrations of culture throughout.


The UKs most well known export is music and its influence is reflected everywhere from The Beatles memorial in Liverpool, to the well known Ronnie Scotts in London. Find Amy Winehouse in Camden, the birth of UK punk legends, or get into the UK dance scene in some of the largest clubs in europe.


You know when your in england when you are woken up by a freshly brewed tea. Fresh cut grass never escapes as mud covers all sportsman. Full english fry ups fill the air, and with a curry house on every corner you can be allured by this English staple.


London has a reputation to have the best of all worlds. There is something for everybody, fresh local delicacies up and down from Welsh Rarebit to Lobscouse, a stew commonly eaten by sailors throughout the ports of Liverpool. Not forgetting meat pies and cornish pasties there is a food for every part of the land.


The feels of England give you a real sense of every single period drama made on Netflix. There is an energy of every great creator which came from the country to give a sense of empowerment to whoever travels there.

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