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Homeland of the majestic Alps, the elegant waltz, brilliant Mozart and Strauss, delicious schnitzel and  strudel.

Whether you’re into sports, culture or just a nice family city break, Austria is definitely the place to go. Preferred winter destination due to its glorious scenery, the impressive slopes of the snowy Alps are just perfect to step up your skiing game. During the warm season, lace your boots and embark on a hiking adventure, hop onto a bicycle or go river rafting, the options are endless. And for the not so outdoorsy, why not upgrade your moves and learn to waltz like a pro right where the dance originated? For those lazy afternoons, let yourself be fascinated by the endless array of authentic baroque architecture or wander through the cobblestoned streets in Vienna, Salzburg or Innsbruck.




Occupying a comfortable place among the richest countries in the world, Austria was also blessed with an array of natural beauties of inestimable value. An idyllic location for both laid-back romantic escapes and exciting family holidays, the jewel in the crown is by no means other than the grand Alps. Explore the Alpine charm with your better half in one of the countless exclusivist resorts with cosy chalets or take your whole family and go zigzagging on the excellent ski slopes in this winter wonderland.

If cold’s not quite your thing, we’ve got your back as well. From Vienna’s opulent Habsburg castles and galleries or a stroll along the Danube on the same river banks where Strauss found his inspiration more than a century ago, to a sweet escape in the picturesque villages in Bregenzerwald or Wachau, you’ll happily reconnect with nature and leave with your batteries full.


What better way to immerse you in the musical masterpieces of elite composers such as Mozart and Haydn, Beethoven and Strauss or Schubert than in the European capital city of classical music? While the dreamy sonatas, symphonies and waltzes played by the acclaimed Vienna Philharmonic will carry you to ethereal realms, a yodelling workshop on a mountaintop is sure to bring you with your feet back on the ground. Fast-forwarding to present day, Parov Stelar’s vibrant electronic mixes will most likely awaken the party animal you’ve forgotten ever existed.



When it comes to smells, Austria’s got some of the most powerful contrasts. Fresh and cooling is what the fir-tree filtered air feels like when you’re speeding down an Alpine mountain crest. On the other hand, city centres will overwhelm you with a mix of freshly ground coffee, mouth-watering sausages or sweet and savoury pastry, in a surprising symphony of the senses.


Like any proper tourist, starving after a full day, start with devouring the famous Wiener Schnitzel, the traditional breaded veal slice. Not quite filled yet? Then you’d better hurry up and grab Emperor Franz Joseph’s favourite, the Tafelspitz, the local boiled beef with broth. One cannot go wrong when following royal recommendations, right? For desert, you couldn’t play it any safer than with their Apfelstrudel (Apple strudel), a divine treat for the sweet-toothed, which goes perfectly together with a cup of tea or coffee served in a fancy Viennese café on the vibrant Kärntner Strasse.


Once out and about, you will definitely feel transported into another era and a bit nostalgic at the sight of horse carriages lined in front of stunning facades of baroque buildings. Also, with so many lakes and retreats at hand, you will notice how calm and relaxed, almost serene everyone is. And why shouldn’t they be, when residing in a capital with the world’s best quality of life? Sophisticated, aristocratic, luxurious, royal, connected to nature, that’s the Austrian spirit.

Source: HipHotels