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Go Behind the Scenes of the New ‘Hellboy’


Go Behind the Scenes of the New ‘Hellboy’


We hear all the time how a movie doesn’t follow their origin, whether it be based on a book, tv show, or even a comic book.

Guillermo Del Toro’s ‘Hellboy’ was based on an original graphic novel by Mike Mignola. Things had to be changed as the comic is a little too graphic for a PG rating. Ron Perlman played the starring role and everyone loved him for that. Now in 2019, the film has hit a new light with a reboot and the crew are going back to their roots.

In the above interview Ian McShane talks about how weird it was to work with a 6-foot 7 tall red monster with horns, Daniel Dae Kim tells us how realistic the costume actually is, Creator Mike Mignola speaks on taking Hellboy back to its origins with this film, Milla Jovovich says how amazing David looked in the suit, and David Harbour explains his love for the character and why they felt they need to make the changes in the reboot.

‘Hellboy’ releases on April 12, 2019.